WE ARE ONLINE ! —- ” Call for Abstract “

we are online


Given the ongoing restrictions due to COVID-19, the IFoU board and the organizing team from Nanjing University have reached consensus on organizing the 2020 conference scheduled in 9-12 October to online platforms. In light of our conference theme “Urbanism in the Mobile Internet Era”, we envisions the upcoming virtual conference as an opportunity rather than an obstacle in fostering and enhancing interregional communication and cooperation through the digital technologies brought by the new era.

Thus, we are here proposing an EXTENSION of the IFoU conference agenda and calling for participants to present their up-to-date research findings in the new FUTURE GENERATION FORUM through VIRTUAL platforms.


Call for papers: Urbanism in the Mobile Internet Era, 2020 in Nanjing University

IFoU 2020 poster


New Deadline: 9th March, 2020

The 13th Conference of International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU), “ Urbanism in the Mobile Internet Era”, will be held from 9th – 12th October, 2020 in Nanjing University.

IFoU 2020: Urbanism in the Mobile Internet Era


11th International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU) 2018: “Rethinking urban Resilience Implementation: Aligning sustainability and resilience”

11TH International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)
The 11th International Forum of Urbanism ‘Reframing Urban Resilience Implementation: Aligning sustainability and resilience’organised by the Urban Resilience Research Network, the School of Architecture of UIC Barcelona and UNHabitat, to be held ​on the 10,11 and 12 of December 2018 in Barcelona​.  



CALL FOR PAPERS before March 31st, 2016


 9th IFoU Conference in Buenos Aires from October 26-28 2016 


IFoU Capacity course in CiChen


CiHu School, Capacity Building Courses of IFoU in Cichen


CiHu Academy and IFoU had organised the 7 days capacity course in CiChen with the theme: Reflexive Architecture and Planning.


The opening of the 8th IFoU Conference

IFoU conference (284) copy

The closing panel discussion of the 8th IFoU Conference

IFoU conference (488)

the opening of IFoU Winter School 2015, Singapore


IFoU Summer School 2014, Gwangju


IFoU Summer School 2014 with title Can Big Culture Save The City? is organized by the School of Architecture, Chonnam National University, which will be held from July 4th to July 17th in Gwangju and is sponsored by Cwangju Metropolitan City, Gwangju Convention and Visitors Bureau and Gwangju Design Center.