Urbanism beyond Neo-Liberalism

Conference Themes

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Jürgen Rosemann

The New Urban Question

Beyond The Crisis: Towards a New Urban Paradigm
Laura Burkhalter and Manuel Castells

Bridging the Ecologies of Cities and of Nature
Saskia Sassen

Looking Forward to Architecture of the New Millennium
Wu Liangyong

Fibercity as a Paradigm Shift of Urban Design
Hidetoshi Ohno

Dutch Spatial Planning and Hierarchy: Making Differences, Think-do-act, and Renewed Re-activism
Henk W.J. Ovink

The Formation of the West Coast Metropolitan Region of Taiwan in the Network Society
Chu-Joe Hsia

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The New Urban Economy

Full papers

Studies on Asian Mixed Use Urban Blocks and Their Applications on the Mono-functional Office Districts in the Netherlands
Tsaijer Cheng, Changfang Luo

Mega-event Strategy As a Tool of Urban Transformation: Sydney's Experience
Yawei Chen, Marjolein Spaans

The Strength of Connections: Innovation Engines in Creative Industries
A.P. Drogendijk, M. J. W. van Twist

Tracing the Roots of Cultural Industries: Employment Trends in Cultural Industries in Dutch Cities Since 1899
Michaël Deinema and Robert Kloosterman

Tourism and Urban Economy: Branding Cities and Producing Contradictory Spaces of Consumption
L. Girardi, P. F. Meliani

The Decline of The Industrial City: the Limits of Neoliberal Urban Regeneration
Tahl Kaminer

The Mall in the Online Shopping Era
Cristian Suau, Margarita Munar Bauzá

Macau's Urban Image Production - Before and After the Credit Crunch
Hendrik Tieben

Global Capitals Role in the (De)Structuration of Urban Space
Nikolaos Triantafyllopoulos

New! Coastal Ecologies: Destination Croatia
Sasha Zanko

New Economies of Landscape and its New Urban Form: Eco-tourism and Ecological Urbanism as a New Approach to Redevelopment in Post-Disaster Reconstruction in Sichuan Province, China
Shannon Bassett

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The Urbanized Society

Full papers

URBAN 2.0- Urban Coding as an Alternative to Planning?
Yoshihiko Baba

To Use or Not Use Urban Space
Tino Buchholz

Prosperity and Change: the Irish Manifestation of an Urbanising Waterfront City Quarter
P. Fallon, C. Wang

Informal Urbanism from Inside-Out: Internalizing Taipei Experiences of Informality
KANG, Min Jay

Service Space
Esther Lorenz

Returning to Wasting Away
Sara Marini

Inbetween Spaces for Social Interaction: New Public Realm and the Network Society
M.V. Grimaldi, P. Sulis

Housing the Elderly: Segregated in Senior Cities or Integrated in Urban Society?
Anton J.H. Smets

Profile of an ‘Urbanized Society’?: Slums, Gauthans, and ‘Lifestyle City’ in Kalyan-Dombivli, India
T. van Dijk, N. Sridharan

Preservation And Regeneration via Hai Pai Cultural Renaissance - A Case Study of Tianzifang Creative Quarter in Shanghai
Jieqiong Wang, Zigang Yao and Alan Peter March

Urban Culture in New Town Almere
J. Zhou, S.E. Commandeur

Atomizing the Urban: Social Change, Single Households and Spatial Transformations in Tokyo
Richard Ronald

Negative and Positive Freedom of Choice in Dutch Social Housing
Marco van der Land and Wenda Doff

Minimum…or Maximum Cities? Locating the New Frontiers of the Urban Question
Alastair Donald

Imag(in)ing the Global City. Postnational Filmmaking in Brussels and Amsterdam
Arne Saeys

Post “Generic City”- When a City is Nearly Expired
Waterfront Industrial Preservation & Development: the Shunde Case, the PRD

Doreen Heng LIU

A Study of New Design Concenpts in Student Housing Applied to the Italian Urban Context
Chiarantoni Carla

Welfare Space in Europe
S. Munarin, M. C. Tosi

The Chinese Housing Reform and the Following New Urban Question
Xiaoxi. Hui

Poster papers

Revitalization of Panam Nagar: Social Displacement and the Minority Issue
Tariq Mahbub Khan

A Research on the Educational Facilities in the Counties of Northwest China Based on the Integration of Urban and Rural Areas: A Case Study on the Chengcheng County, Shaanxi Province
Ma Yan, Wang Chen

New Urban Forms – Immigration in Network Societies
Eugenia Tsagkaraki

Lesbian Spaces in Beijing
TENG Jingru

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Urban Technologies and Sustainability

Full papers

Between Market Principles and Equity Concerns - The Provision of Basic Services in Cities of Latin America
Ana Maria Fernández-Maldonado

Potential of Energy Conservation Through Renovation of Existing Residential Buildings in China – the Case of Hangzhou City in the Hot Summer and Cold Winter Region of China
GE Jian, WANG Jiaping, OUYANG Jinlong, HOKAO Kazunori

Exploration of the Urban Waterfront Greenway System Based on the ‘Interest Gravitation’
Zhao Hongyu, Chang Sheng

Organisation of Large Scale Green Covered Roofs- Improving the Collaboration of Policy Makers With Urban Designers
C.M. Ravesloot, P.G. Teeuw

Rethinking Sustainable Sanitation for The Urban Environment
Christoph Lüthi, Jennifer McConville, Anna Norström, Arne Panesar, Rahul Ingle, Darren Saywell, Thorsten Schütze

The Digital City Management System in Hangzhou as a Practise of Urban Governance in China
Shutian Li, Ka Wang, Lei Xu

Sustainable Urban Design Approaches- an Overview
N. Fleurke

The Consequences for China’s Mega Cities of the Global Economic Recession
Meine Pieter van Dijk

Urban Experiences in a Rural Environment. Small Rural Settlements in Lurin Valley, Lima, Peru
José Luis Chong Chong

Economic Changes and the Need for Design Strategies for More Sustainable Urban Projects: Values of Public Life, Space and Shared Desire.
Germaine Sanders and Robin Houterman

Eco-city and Eco-Planning in China: Taking An Example for Caofeidian Eco-city
Qiang Ma

Exploration on Contaminated Urban Manufactured Sites- Remediation Management Strategies in Beijing
GUO Yong

Assisted Living: Using GPS to Determine Design Tasks
S.C. van der Spek

A Water Field Civilization -the Hydraulic System of Three Agriculture Plains in Taiwan
Pei-chun Wen

Poster papers

Energy Conservation Research and Optimized Design of Natural Lighting Atriums- as the Example of International Trade City in Jiaxing
Zhuojia Wang, Jie Wang

The Characteristics of Development of Chinese Green Building
Yang Miao, Xu Lei, Jian Ge

Ecological Design With Urban Context- Case Study on “Compasso Volante Prize - Edition 2007” about Integrative Design of Ecological Architecture
Guo Cui

Contradictions of Ecological Construction and Urban Development in Hot-Dry Valley Areas- Case Study on Wenchuan County
Xie Yingying

ContradictionsMinimum Impact House: the Prototype for Sustainable Building in the City Centre and What’s Beyond the Prototype
Hans Drexler, Marc Guinand, Daniel Jauslin

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The Transformation of Urban Form

Full papers

Urbanity and Desire: Neighbourhood Change in the Contemporary Economy. The Case of Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Sandra Annunziata

Alvalade and Areeiro Neighbourhoods- From Spatiality to Significance
Ana Beja da Costa

Architecture Can Serve, Planning is Almost Unfunctional
Özlem Berber

Transformation of Waterfront space in Asian cities: Macau, Hong Kong, Shanghai
Chen Yu

Challenges of Urban Form in Fast-growing Chinese Cities: a Case Study of Kunshan
Xiangmin Guo

Galópolis and Forqueta: Visions of a Regional Landscape
Sandra Maria Favaro Barella, Décio Rigatti

Agonism, Consensus, and the Exception: On The Newest Monumentalists
Justin Fowler

Agropolitana. Dispersed City and Agricultural Spaces in Veneto Region (Italy)
V. Ferrario

Grand Taipei: the Porous City- A Research on the Urban Form of a Postcolonial City
Kuanchung Huang

Spatial Chaos; Addressing Spatial Over-production in Dublin, Ireland
Alan Mee

Grassroots Landscape Architecture for the Informal Asian City
J. Rekittke

Residential Spaces as Urban Fabric: the Case of São Paulo
Christine Van Sluys

Space Syntax Analysis of Foshan Street Network Transformation in Support Historic Area Redevelopment
YU Han, TSOU Jin-yeu, LONG Jiangang

Privately Owned Public Space in Hong Kong and New York: the Urban and Spatial Influence of the Policy

The Characteristics on the Generation of Urban Form of Hangzhou Combining With the High Speed Urbanization
Xi Zhang, Lei Xu, Ka Wang

New City/ Old City
Shira Szabo, Ron Henderson

Opening the Frontier Closed Area: A Mutual Benefit Zone
Joshua Bolchover and Peter Hasdell

Significance of the Praise of Shadows in Understanding Urban Tactility
Izumi Kuroishi

Revival of Shan-Shui Idea as a Sustainable Urban Form- a Case Study on Hangzhou
Shulan FU

Poster papers

Mutation of Tianzifang, Taikang Road, Shanghai
Hiroyuki Shinohara

The Transformation of Port and City in Kaohsiung
Chung Chen Kun

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The Design of the New Urban Space

Full papers

Oppidan Urbanism: Towards a New Public Space on the Waterfront
Matthew Bradbury

Design with Water in Dutch Low Land Cities
I. Bobbink

Research by Design: the ‘5X5 Project for the Dutch City’
Roberto Cavallo

Remoulding Topography
Sabina Favaro

Town Planning Doctrine in a Time of Pandemic
Sławomir Gzell

Water Margins- The Redevelopment of Waterfronts and Waterways in Asian Cities
L. Hee, B.L. Low

The Construction of Landscape Pattern at Comprehensive Planning Level in Northwestern China ——A Case Study of Ankang City
Huang Minghua, Chen Mo, Shi Xiaonan

An Analogy of Palimpsest as a Strategy Transforming Urban Structure into Architectural Discourse- Focused on Dominique Perrault’s Architecture of Strata
Koo, Young Min

The Rural Interior: Opening up Xochimilco to the Everyday Life of the City- Mexico City
Flor Marín Zamora

Constraint and Uncertainty: a Risk Perspective of Public Space Design and Maintenance

Long Live the Genius Loci– Research to the Embedding of Urban and Landscape Architectural Designs to the Context for New Transformations
G.A. Verschuure- Stuip

Fragmented and Dispersed: Designing Brussels Rurban Landscape
Elke Vanempten

The Rhetoric and Reality of Culture-led Urban Regeneration- a Comparison of Beijing and Shanghai, China
J. Wang, S. Li

Yuan Zhu

The Rule and the Model- an Approach to the Contemporary Urban Space
Cristina Soares Cavaco

The Design of a Productive Landscape: Barcelona Tres Turons Park, a Case Study
Ana M. Moya Pellitero, Emrah Türkyilmaz, Cigdem Canbay Türkyilmaz, Josué da Silva Eliziário

mEYEsite- an Emotional Approach to Urban Site Research
Héctor Giró, Margit Tamás

Towards New Architectural and Urban Models;
The Dutch Urban Block, Public Domain and City Economy

Susanne Komossa

Poster papers

Research on the Development Strategy and Characteristics of the 100 Urban Complexes in Hangzhou
Yuan Liao, Lei Xu, Zhenyu Cao

On intertwined and integrated dimensions- Alternative strategies to the new urban design
Kai Liu

The Overview of New Town Strategy in Hangzhou
Qian Qi, Lei Xu, Ka Wang

Classical Form and New Form- Approach to the Form of Linear Cities’ Spatial Layout in Eastern Region of Northwest China
Yang Hui, Huang Minghua

Conditions for New Neighborhoods
Zaida Muxí Martínez, Roser Casanovas

Emphasize Characteristics of Small Towns by Strengthening the Urban Design
Zhang Jian, Li Hailin, Liu Jia

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The New Metropolitan Region

Full papers

Regional Planning Choices: Comparing the RER in Brussels (BE) and the Stedenbaan in South-Holland (NL)
N. Casabella, P. Frenay

Urban Shape of Ahmedabad City Triggered by Industrial Activity, Case Study of Industrial Estates of GIDC
Rully Damayanti, Altrerosje Asri, Teguh Wijayanto

Examining the Spatial Spread of the Chinese Metropolitan Region from the Administrative
Division Adjustment Point of View: Taking Su-Xi-Chang Region of Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone as an Example

Yongfu Li, Anrong Dang and Hongying Cao

Towards a Definition of Urban Polycentrism for Brazilian Metropolises
Renata Parente Paula Pessoa

Notes for the Identification of Large Scale movement Routes- a Configurational approach of Porto Alegre Metropolitan Region
Cláudio Mainieri de Ugalde, Décio Rigatti, Fábio Zampieri

Efficient Urban Governance in Managing and Enhancing Competitiveness of Kuala Lumpur City-Region
Azmizam Abdul Rashid, Hamzah Jusoh, Jalaluddin Abdul Malek

“Learning From China”- Transit-Oriented and Landscape Infrastructure as a catalyst for a new spatial structuring of urban form…
Shannon Bassett

The Rural-Urban Transformation Through Urban Sprawl: An Assessment of Ankara Metropolitan Area
Kübra Cihangir Çamur, Sevinç Bahar YENIGÜL

Large-Scale Economic and Infrastructure Projects in India’s Metropolitan Cities. New Policies and Practices Among Competing Subnational States
Loraine Kennedy

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New Approaches of Urban Governance

Full papers

Dealing With Risks in Urban Governance: What can We Learn From ‘Resilience Thinking’
I.S.A.Baud, M.A.Hordijk

Analysing the Urban Vision in Ghent and Liege- on Good Intentions and its Dubious Consequences
Cassiers, T., Leclercq, E.

Gradual Empowerment- New Methods for Bottom-Up Urban Renewal in Angola
Gabriel Duarte, Ricardo Kawamoto, Renata Bertol

Computational Urbanism- a Parametric Relational Urban Model for Urban Plot Ratio Allocation
Han Feng, Yu Zhang

Throw the Bums Out: Two Case Studies at the Limits of Wal-Mart’s Retail Empire
Jesse LeCavalier

Urban Social Movements: Gender Approaches
Zaida Muxí Martínez, Tania Magro Huertas

Uncertainty Gap between Land Use Planning Decision Making and Implementation- Analysis of the Greenbelt Policies of Beijing, China
Xianmin Mai, Yoshitsugu Hayashi and Teng Su

Local Institutional Environments as Filters of the Renewal of Derelict Industrial Sites- a Comparative Analysis of Bovisa (Milan) and Westergasfabriek (Amsterdam)
Francesca Miazzo

Shrinking Cities: Explaining (Local) Government Response
André Mulder

Neural Networks and Contestations in City Governance- Governing Indian Metropolises
N. Sridharan

Bottom-Up Initiatives and the Local Spatial Agenda: Understanding Local Interests in the Functioning of Public Space
Robin Houterman and Germaine Sanders

Metropolitan Strategies: Diplomacy Fuelled by Stories
Bas van Leeuwen

Needed: an Intelligent and Integrated Vision for Brussels’ Urban Planning
S. Vermeulen

Integrated Urban Strategies: Two Case Studies for Cross Border Prosperity
Alexander G. Vollebregt

The Thinking of Mixed Use from a Perspective of the Hutong Protection
YANG Yang, WU Songnan, HUANG Tianhang

Explorations on Socio-Spatial Integrative Strategies Based on the Transformative Potentialities of Implementing a Polycentric Metropolitan Model
Flavio Janchez and Diego Sepúlveda

Poster papers

Consideration of Local Sub-councils in Optimum Governance of Urban- Case Study: Local Sub-councils of Tehran
M.R. Hafeznia, H. Veicy

Endogenous Development in Making: Viewpoint of Network Structure Change in Chiufen
Li-Pei Peng

Urban Development in a quasi - ‘Neoliberalism’ Market Economy – Moganshan District, Shanghai, China
HENG Chye Kiang & WANG Jingyao

Study on the Consensus Making and the Technical Consultative Function in the Case of Bottom-up Styled Associations in Grenoble, France

Institutional Understanding of Water Governance in Taipei
Pei-Wen Lu

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Changing Planning Cultures

Full papers

The Shanghai Model: A New Hanseatic League
Gregory Bracken

The Role of Image in Creating the Post-socialist City (Case Study of Kazan, Tatarstan)
Nadir Kinossian

Changing Public and Private Roles in Urban Area Development in the Netherlands
Erwin Heurkens

Communicative Place-Making: Participatory Planning and the Enhancement of Sense
Pablo Juárez

WEB 2.0 and the Emergence of a New Planning Culture
R. Marijnissen

The Mega-Event as a Strategy in Spatial Planning: Starting from the Olympic City of Barcelona
Lei Qu and Marjolein Spaans

Cohesion and Flexibility in Urban Design Process in Amsterdam- Analysis by the Frame of Time and Scale
M. Ryu

Bringing People Back into the Picture: De-emphasizing Business Friendliness in Urban Planning
M. Simon Rojo, N. Moran Alonso, A. Hernandez Aja

The Right to the City as a Tool for Urban Social Movements: the Case of Barceloneta
R.W.J. Boer, J. de Vries

Catalonian Neighbourhood Development Law: the Gender Perspective as a Planning Tool
Zaida Muxí Martínez, Adriana Ciocoletto

Planning Between Reliability and Flexibility- Contemporary Urban Development In China
Chiu Yuan Wang

The Conceptual Transformation From Government to Governance and its Representations- a Case Study on the Innovations in City Management of Hangzhou
PengYuanfang, Xu Lei, Wang Ka

A Strategic and Sustainable Agenda for San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León, Mexico: an Experience of Citizen Participation and Mixed Ventures
Celia Esther Arredondo Zambrano

Post Generic City- Learning From Shenzhen
The Gongming Experiment

Laurence LIAUW Wie Wu

Shanghai New Towns- Searching for Community and Identity in a Sprawling Metropolis
Harry den Hartog

Research on the Beijing Rural Villages’ Classification & Development Under Urbanization
ZHAO Zhifeng

Intensity Control in Mixed-used New Urban Area: a Case Study of the Waterfront in Xiasha, Hangzhou
Zhou Yinan, Hua Chen

Poster papers

Preventive Landscapes
Alberto Bertagna

Changing Planning by Dutch Housing Associations- From Supply to Demand-driven and From Customer to Area-driven Strategic Housing Management
A.J. van Overmeeren, S. Zijlstra

Planning Culture of Turkey in Case of Bodrum
H. Ö. Özhisar

Re-inventing Brussels: How Knowledge on Alternative Urban Development Projects Can Alter Urban Policies
Burak Pak, Annette Kuhk

Transitional Spatial Structures and Housing Development in Peripheral Shanghai
Jinghuan He

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