10 July - 20 July 2009
Delft, The Netherlands
TU Delft
Delft University of Technology

International Forum on Urbanism

Randstad Spatial Planning
Randstad Centre for Strategic Spatial Planning and Design
Contact information
Diego Sepulveda

Jason Chiang

Delft Master Course

As part of the IFOU (international forum of Urbanism) activities on 2009, the yearly summer course is open for IFOU partners, this year it will be held in The Netherlands, hosted by TU Delft. In line with the general goals of the Forum and focus on the up-to-date urban debate (Randstad Vision 2040, Randstad Urgent program, Twin city: Almere-Amsterdam), the IFoU Summer School 2009 theme will tackle the Dutch government call who wishes that the highly urbanized region in the west of the country - the Randstad - to develop into a sustainable and competitive European top region.

    The IFoU invitation is to join a whole international team of master students of architecture and urbanism as well as urban related practitioners and a team of senior researchers to explore the dimension of regional planning, regional competitiveness and entrepreneurial approaches for planning and development, to explore and define different approaches towards the definition of a regional vision to articulate the Randstad goal.

    The program team has defined a series of lectures and encounters with the main regional actors from Ministries to social base organizations. As well as a series of documents and organize data to support the course requirements and to give a strong base for the participants to face the “Randstad Challenge”.

Free-choice Master Course

To subscribe to the joint design studio, students are required to enroll for the free choice of IFoU Summer School. The code for this is: ARX050 [6 ECTs].

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