16th International Conference “Urbanism of Hope: Reframing the Local -Global Relationships”

Poster IFOU 2024


“Urbanism of Hope: Reframing the Local-Global Relationships” is the title of the 16th IFoU conference.

In the midst of a structural crisis worldwide that is characterized by natural disasters, growing social and economic tensions as well as increasing political, even military conflicts the 16th conference of IFoU will focus on attempts, approaches and solutions on local level: To what extent initiatives on local level are able to combat or to reduce the impact of environmental disasters, to improve local resiliency, to stimulate the local economy and social integration, to bridge political contradictions and to overcome fragmentation, segregation and separation. In this framework planning approaches and design concepts will be discussed under the following 5 themes and related experiences from local governments, NGO’s, local resident movements, and initiatives for the local economy.

In contrary to former IFoU conferences, the 2024 conference will not be hosted by one university but will be organized as collective event by six member institutions of IFoU:  Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Auckland, National Taiwan University, EPFL Lausanne, Delft University of Technology and University of Buenos Aires. Under the general themeeach participating institution becomes the host for one sub-theme that will be presented online for 4 hours during the conference. In this way, following the presentations of the different sub-themes from host to host becomes a virtual tour around the world.

The deadline for abstract submission will be 15 July 2024. Please join us to connect with colleagues and friends across the world and discuss and explore the urbanism of hope in post-pandemic cities . More details about the conference can be found in the conference website: https://ifou2024.global/